Alamo Rocketeers
This purpose of this page is to recognize the generous contributions made to the club by it's individual members.  Without these philantropic grants we could not continue function.
On behalf of the Alamo Rocketeers, I thank you, one and all.
If you know of a worthy donation that is not listed here please contact Art Applewhite at
June 18, 2011
Two 50 foot, 14 ga. Extension Cord for the Launch Controller
Todd, Schroedoer, Art Applewhite
June 2011
Ribbons for NAR Contests
Hal Huber, Jeff Vegh, Art Applewhite
Before June 2011
Standard Forte' Launch Controller
Art Applewhite
Before June 2011
Battery for Launch Controller
John Lee
Before June 2011
Dragonfire Six Pack Launch Pad
Art Applewhite
Before June 2011
Solar Battery Charger for Launch Controller
Todd Schreoder
Use of his U-Haul truck to store club equipment
John Lee
est. $300/year