August 18, 2012 Monthly Model Rocket launch at the Kitty Hawk Flying Field
Photo album by John Lee
24 flights - Motors by Impulse A-3, B-12, C-2, D-4, E-2, G-1
Rocketeer Rocket Engine Remarks
Todd Schroeder Cosmic Explorer B6-4 First launch to test the wind, strong from the South
Dale Marshall Laser Lance A8-3 Original Centuri version
Elder Hughes Riptide B6-4 Welcome to the launch!!
Dale Marshall Draconian Marauder B6-4 Original Centuri version
Todd Schroeder Harpoon B6-4
Dale Marshall Quadzilla D12-3 New Way Space Models
Todd Schroeder 29mm Delta G77 Bright red flame!
Elder Hughes Riptide B6-4
Nickolos Koch Metalizer B4-4 Welcome to the launch!!
Dale Marshall Ram Jet D12-3 Upscale of the original Estes model
Todd Schroeder Patriot C6-5
Aleksander Koch Metalizer B4-4
Dale Marshall Long Dart D12-3 Very exciting flight, but not in a good way
Alex & Nick Falcon B4-4
Elder Hughes Riptide B6-4
Dale Marshall Laser Lance D12-5 Upscale of the original Centuri model
Dale Marshall Satellite Killer C11-3
Nickolos Koch Falcon B6-4
Stu Young Aura E16-4 Belching flame from both ends, very exciting!
Nickolos Koch Falcon B6-4
Stu Young Mig-21 A10-3T
Dale Marshall DC-Y Space Clipper B6-6
Stu Young 13mm Cinco A10-3T
Dale Marshall Satellite Killer E9-4 Skywriter!

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