June 29, 2013 Model Rocket Launch at Apache Field near New Berlin, TX
  Photo Album by Art Applewhite
Video playlist by Harrold Sanders
19 people attending and 12 rocketeers
  Total flights - 41
Cluster flights - 3
Multistage flights - 3

Motors by Impulse: 1/2A - 4 ,A - 4, B - 2, C - 7, D - 6, E - 14, F - 5, G - 4
Rocketeer Rocket Rocket Motor Recovery Remarks
Alex Kleitz #2 Pencil G64-10W Parachute 3 igniter misfires - launch scrubbed
Alex Kleitz Longhorn Jr G79-7W Parachute Maiden flight
Alex Kleitz Hulk Jr. D12-5 Streamer
Art Applewhite  A Prop-er Rocket 2 x E9-4 Autorotation 2nd flight, One motor didn't light but it still went up 50 feet
Art Applewhite  A Prop-er Rocket 2 x E9-4 Autorotation 3rd flight, both motor lit, good altitude and recovery
Art Applewhite  A Prop-er Rocket 2 x D11-P Autorotation Maiden flight, very nice vertical climb
Bert McClure LOC Nuke Pro Max F52-5T Parachute Audio Beacon 
Bert McClure Estes Der Red Maxx E9-6 Streamer Audio Beacon and Tracking Powder
Bill Wagner Gemni Titan G77-4R Parachute 2 ingniter misfires
Bill Wagner ??? A8-3 Streamer, Glider Boost Glider
Bill Wagner Trident II B6-4 Parachute
Bill Wagner Estes Pumpkin A10-3T Parachute
Bill Wagner Black Hawk B6-4 Parachute
Cherylene James Blue Ninja D12-3 Parachute Altimeter 2, 568 feet
Cherylene James Stratocruiser C6-5 Parachute
Harold Sanders Solar Flare C6-0, 1/2A3-2T Tumble, Parachute 2 stage
Harold Sanders Astron Elliptic II A10-0T, 1/2A3-4T Tumble, Streamer 2 stage
Harold Sanders Scorpion C6-0, 1/2A3-4T Tumble, Parachute 2 stage
Harold Sanders Interceptor 'E' E12-4 Parachute Engine blew out at both ends
Harold Sanders Proton-M D12-3 Parachute Video
Harold Sanders Satellite Interceptor C6-3 Parachute
Harold Sanders Cosmic Explorer (modified) E9-4 Streamer 
Harold Sanders Space Eagle C6-0, 1/2A3-4T Tumble, Parachute
Harold Sanders Proton-M E9-4 Parachute
Harold Sanders FSI Black Brandt II E9-4 Parachute
Harold Sanders Cosmic Cobra C6-3 Parachute
Harold Sanders QCC Explorer E9-4 Parachute Video
K.D. White Estes Executioner E9-4 Parachute 1st try, motor popped nozzle
K.D. White Estes Executioner E9-4 Parachute 2nd try, Spit out nozzle, destroyed the blast deflector
K.D. White Blackie F52-8T Parachute
K.D. White BMS School Rocket C6-5 Streamer
Mark Vicento Estes Nike Smoke RR F45-8R Parachute Maiden flight, Video
Mark Vicento Gemini Capsule G77-4R Parachute Maiden Flight, Video
Mark Vicento Estes Summit A10-3T Streamer
O. Lee James III Super Alpha E9-6 Streamer Altimeter 2, Video
O. Lee James III Blue Lobster F40-4 Parachute Dual Deploy, Failed to deploy either parachute
O. Lee James III Super Model E9-6 Parachute Jolly Logic Altimeter 2
O. Lee James III Estes Star Destroyer D12-3 Parachute Star Wars themed
Stu Young Luna F24-4 Parachute 2 igniter failures
Stu Young Tomahawk A10-3T Parachute
Stu Young Nike Tomahawk C6-5 Parachute

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