November 2, 2103 Alamo Rocketeers Model Rocket Launch at Apache Field
Photo Album by Art Applewhite
A windy day but still fun.  Lyn Bruington and his family joined us for the first time.
Total flights - 23
Multistage flights - 3
Harold Sanders had the most flights with 8
Motors by Impulse: 1/2A - 3, B - 5, C - 6, D - 4, E - 3, F - 3

Rocketeer Rocket Rocket Motor Recovery Remarks
Art Applewhite 13 mm Ductagon A3-4T Autorotation
Art Applewhite 24 mm Diamond Fin C11-3 Nose-blow Kevlar shock cord burned through, recovered
Art Applewhite 18 mm Diamond Fin B6-2 Streamer Prototype, first fight
Art Applewhite 18 mm Diamond Fin B6-4 Nose-blow
Art Applewhite 29 mm Cinco F50-6T Aerobrake
Art Applewhite 18 mm Matchbox Monocopter C6-0 Autorotation
Bill Cook Altura II C11-3 Parachute
Bill Cook Uploader C11-3 Parachute Payload rocket with 2 oz of ballast
Bill Cook N/A B6-4 Streamer Scratch built for night flight, streamer too tight, failed to deploy
Bill Cook Altura II C11-3 Parachute Sonic beeper installed
Harold Sanders Semroc Bandit B6-2 Parachute
Harold Sanders D-Region Tomahawk D12-3 Parachute
Harold Sanders QCC Explorer E9-4 Parachute Nose cone went through the shroud lines of the parachute keeping it from opening fully
Harold Sanders Long Tom B6-0/A8-3 Parachute 2 Stage
Harold Sanders Interceptor E E12-4 Parachute
Harold Sanders Scorpion Upscale D12-0/D12-3 Parachute 2 Stage
Harold Sanders Black Brant II E9-4 Parachute Parachute reefed. Broke one fin
Harold Sanders Semroc Bandit C6-5 Parachute
Lynn Bruington Leviathan F50-6T Parachute
Lynn Bruington Astron Elliptic II A10-0T/
Streamer 2 Stage
Lynn Bruington Ventris F26-6FJ Parachute Long drift, Recovered 
Lynn Bruington Mini Fat Boy A10-3T Streamer Good flight and recovery
Lynn Bruington Big Daddy D12-3 Parachute Parachute did not deploy

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