December 28, 2013 - Alamo Rocketeers Model Rocket Launch at Kitty Hawk Flying Field
Photo Album by Art Applewhite & Dale Marshall
YouTube video by Bert McClure
Total flights - 24
Cluster flights - 2
Flights with altimeters - 4
Dale Marshall won most flights with 12
Motors by Impulse: 1/2A - 1, A-4, B - 5, C - 6, D - 2, E - 2, F - 2, G -2
Rocketeer Rocket  Rocket Motor Recovery  Remarks
Art Applewhite 18 mm Diamond Fin B6-4   Nose-blow
Art Applewhite 29 mm Cinco F26-5FJ Aerobrake Used radio controlled ignition
Art Applewhite 29 mm Stealth G40-6W Aerobrake
Art Applewhite 18 mm Pinwheel C6-0 Autorotation
Bert McClure Estes Saturn V G64-4W Parachute Altimeter One, Camera & Mini Beacon Payload. 566 feet
Bert McClure Estes Red Max E12-6 Streamer Video camera & altimeter, 1062 feet
Bert McClure Estes Red Max C11-3 Streamer Won drag race with Dale Marshall, last off the pad, last to land
Bert McClure Battlestar Galactica Colonial Viper D12-3 Streamer
Bill Cook Uploader E9-4 Parachute Stratologger Altimeter installed, 452 feet
Bill Cook Strong Arm C11-3 Parachute Glen Taft memorial flight
Bill Cook Ultura II D12-7 Parachute
Bill Cook Uploader F12-5FJ Parachute 1st flight with an APCP motor, Stratologger Altimeter, 747 feet
Dale Marshall Thunder Bee 1/2A4-3T Streamer Broke a fin when landing
Dale Marshall Dueces Wild B6-4 x 2 Parachute
Dale Marshall CFX Six-Footer E9-4 Parachute Very long rocket
Dale Marshall Moon Glow A8-4 Streamer Very bright yellow
Dale Marshall Thunderhawk C11-3 Parachute
Dale Marshall Q-Bee A3-4T Parachute
Dale Marshall Akela-1 A8-3 Tumble
Dale Marshall Estes Red Max B6-4 Parachute Drag race with Bert McClure, lowest altitude
Dale Marshall Lune R-1 C6-3 Parachute
Dale Marshall Laser Lance B6-4 Parachute Drag race with Dale's Lazer Lance upscale
Dale Marshall Laser Lance Upscale C11-3 Parachute Drag race with Dale's Lazer Lance  
Dale Marshall Mini Red Max A10-3T Streamer

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