February 1, 2014 Alamo Rocketeers Model Rocket Launch at Apache Field
Photo Album by Art Applewhite
Photo Album by Harold Sanders
Initiator Video & Soyuz Video by Harold Sanders
Total flights - 42
Two Stage Flights - 2
Flights with altimeters - 2
Harold Sanders had the most flights with 15 and closest to pad
Motors by Impulse: 1/2A - 3, A - 4, B - 4, C - 12, D - 3, E - 7, F - 8, G - 3
Rocketeer Rocket Rocket Motor Remarks
Art Applewhite Aerotech Initiator F50-6T Glen Taft Memorial Flight
Art Applewhite Matchbox Monocopter C6-3
Art Applewhite 29 mm Priority Stealth F50-6T Link to free plans
Art Applewhite 29 mm Priority Cinco G80-7T
Bill Cook Altura II D12-5
Bill Cook Strong Arm F15-4
Bill Cook
!st Attempt dual deploy, drogue only deployed
Curtis Thomason Arcas G76-8G Altimeter payload, Green flame
Curtis Thomason Aerotech Mustang F39-6T Altimeter payload
Curtis Thomason Aerotech Mustang F24-7W
Harold Sanders Space X 1/2A3-4T Scale model
Harold Sanders Space X 1/2A3-4T Scale model
Harold Sanders Estes Snitch C6-5
Harold Sanders Semroc Bandit C6-5
Harold Sanders Long Tom B6-0 & 1/A3-4T 2 stage, landed closest to the pad
Harold Sanders Sizzler C6-5
Harold Sanders Scissor Wing Glider C6-3
Harold Sanders Cosmic Cobra C6-5 Ballistic landing
Harold Sanders Interceptor C6-3
Harold Sanders QCC Explorer E9-4
Harold Sanders 1:48 Scale Soyuz E12-4 Very highly detailed model
Harold Sanders Black Brant II (FSI) E9-4
Harold Sanders D-Region Tomahawk E9-4
Harold Sanders Interceptor-E E12-4
Harold Sanders Scorpion upscale E12-0 & C6-5 2 stage, 2nd stage fail to fire
Joaquin Stuart Alpha 3 A8-3
Joaquin Stuart Alpha 3 A8-3
Joaquin Stuart Alpha 3 A8-3
Stu Young 18 mm SU-7 A10-3T Scale model of Soviet aircraft
Stu Young SU-7 BT-60 D12-3 Scale model, Very nice flight
Stu Young Orion III Transport C6-3
Stu Young Soyuz C6-3 Scale model
Stu Young Black Brant II + Columbia Shuttle D12-3 Columbia Memorial flight
Stu Young Babel F24-4 Late ejection, shredded the parachute
Todd Schroeder Patriot C6-3
Todd Schroeder Strong Arm F23-4
Todd Schroeder Heatseeker B6-4
Todd Schroeder Cosmic Explorer B6-4
Todd Schroeder 29 mm Delta G38-J
Todd Schroeder AGM-85 C6-3
Todd Schroeder 24 mm Delta E12-4
Todd Schroeder New Heavy Lift Vehicle B6-4

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