March 15, 2014 Alamo Rocketeers Model Rocket and Boy Scout Launch at Kitty Hawk
Photo Album by Art Applewhite
Total flights - 69
Dual Deploy - 1
TARC Practice flights - 3
Cub Scout Pack 351 - 13 Scouts - 33 flights - A8-3, C6-5, C6-7
The Dangerous Club for Boys - 12 Boys - 10 Patriot flight with C6-5s, 16 Generic E2X flights on A8-3s

Rocketeer Rocket Rocket Motor Recovery  Remarks
Armando Moreno Standard AGM D12-3 Parachute
Armando Moreno Maxi Big Red Max G80-8T Parachute Der Red Max Upscale
Armando Moreno Red Crayon C6-5 Parachute
Armando Moreno Aerotech Cheetah E28-4T Parachute
Bill Cook Uploader F12-5J Parachute Dual Deploy, Altimeter reading 613 feet
Cub Scout Pack 351 Standard Estes Rockets A8-3, C6-5 Parachute 13 scouts, 33 flights
Lee James Mach 12 C6-5 Parachute Help me
Rebeka  James Gold Strike C6-3 Parachute
Ruth Long 007 F50-6T Parachute TARC practice flight, 50 sec, 751 feet
Ruth Long 007 F42-8T Parachute TARC practice flight,49.2 sec, 625 feet
Ruth Long 007 F50-4T Parachute TARC practice flight, 67 sec, 987 feet
The Dangerous Club for Boys Estes Patriot C6-5 Parachute 12 fliers, 10 flights
The Dangerous Club for Boys Estes Generic E2X rocket A8-3 Parachute 16 fights

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