August 16, 2014 Joint Alamo Rocketeers and CenTAR370 High Power Launch at the Texas Double T Ranch
Photo Album
Total flights - 44
2 stage - 3
Cluster - 1
Dual Deploy - 4
Flight by Impulse 1/2A - 2, A-8, B-5, C-8, D-4, E-8, F-8, G-4, H-3, I-2

Rocketeer Rocket Rocket Motor Recovery Remarks
Aden Phoenix Bird C6-5 Parachute Altimeter
Allan Howard G-Force H195-8W DMS Parachute Dual Deploy, Missleworks Altimeter 991 feet. Shock cord broke
Allan Howard Astrobee F26-6FJ Parachute Glen Taft's rocket
Allan Howard Screamer F50-6T Parachute
Allan Howard EZI-65 H143-8SS Parachute Dual Deploy Altimeter 1119 feet
Art Applewhite 18 mm Hex Prototype C6-5 Tumble
Art Applewhite 18 mm Hex Prototype C6-5 Tumble Maiden flight
Art Applewhite 18 mm Octogon C6-5 Tumble Maiden flight
Art Applewhite 29 mm Priority Stealth  F26-6FJ Aerobrake
Bill Cook Altura II E9-6 Parachute
Bill Cook Long Arm G64-7W Parachute Dual Deploy, Altimeter 930 feet, modified Strong Arm
Bill Cook GT Hombre E18-7W Parachute Dual Deploy Altimerer with fishing line deployment
Curtis Thomason Apogee Aspire F15-?? Streamer
Curtis Thomason Super DX3 I170-9W Parachute
Curtis Thomason Escape Velocity I566 Parachute
Curtis Thomason Aerotech Mustang F40-6T Parachute
David Wraith A8-5 Parachute
David Talcum Power A8-3 Streamer
David Talcum Power 2.0 B6-4 Parachute Full to the top with Talcum Powder
David Shapiro Superkeen H135-10W Parachute Aerotech DMS motor
Harold Sanders Estes Mosquito 1/2A3-4T Streamer
Harold Sanders Screaming Eagle C6-3 Parachute Shorted to scale length
Harold Sanders SAM 3 A10-0,1/2A3-4T Streamer 2 stage, First flight after being rebuilt 
Harold Sanders MIRV B6-0, 3 x A10-3T Streamer 2 stage with clustered upper stages
Harold Sanders Scorpion Upscale D12-0, E9-6 Parachute 2 stage
Harold Sanders Cosmic Mariner E12-4 Glider and Parachute Maiden flight
Harold Sanders Space Shuttle C6-3 Glider and Tumble Maiden flight
Harold Sanders Mega Mosquito E9-4 Parachute
Igor Postelnic Mega Mosquito E9-6 Parachute
Igor Postelnic Aerotech Arreaux F20-7W Parachute Altimeter 1080 feet
Jacob Oglesbee Silver Arrow E12-0, E12-6 Parachute 2 stage, Unstable
Jacob Oglesbee Grapler/Family D12-0/D12-3 Parachute CHAD 2 stage
Jacob Oglesbee Silver Arrow D12-3 Parachute Maiden flight
Jonathan Postelnik Silver Bullet C6-5 Parachute Homemade Altimeter
Lee James IV Flash B6-6 Streamer
Lee James IV Red Rider B6-4 Parachute
O. L. James III Comet Chaser B6-4 Streamer Pnut Altimeter 200 feet
O. L. James III Gyro Chaser A8-3 Helicopter Very nice helicopter descent, 8th place at NARAM 56
Ted Oglesbee Estes Ventris G80-7T Parachute Altimeter 1854 feet
Ted Oglesbee Estes Argent F26-6FJ Parachute
Ted Oglesbee Coke C6-3 Streamer Rocket made out of a plastic Coke bottle
Ted Oglesbee Ventris G40-7W Parachute Altimeter 1424 feet
Ted Oglesbee 29 mm Priority Stealth F15-6 Helicopter Downloaded from Art Applewhite Rocket
Ted Oglesbee 13 mm Cinco A3-4T Aerobrake

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