December 20, 2015 Model rocket launch at Kitty Hawk Flying Field
Total flights - 26
 Flight by Impulse: A-5, B-7, C-1, D-4, E-5, F-4

Rocketeer Rocket Rocket Motor Recovery Remarks
Allan Howard 2X2 D12-7 Parachute Separation of nosecone& parachute from the body
Allan Howard 29 mm Helix F26-6FJ Parachute Great flight, ejection charged removed from motor
Allan Howard Big Daddy D12-5 Parachute Good flight.  Minor ding on one fin
Allan Howard Ventris Aerotech E28-4 Parachute Estes Altimeter reading 0 feet
Allan Howard Quest Falcon B6-4 Parachute
Allan Howard Triton X B6-4 Parachute
Allan Howard Ventris F26-6FJ Parachute
Art Applewhite Trigger Mortis A8-5 Parachute Good flight and recovery. No damage
Art Applewhite 18 mm Cone A8-3 Tumble Some wabble during ascent, then powered tumble near apogee
Art Applewhite 18 mm Cone B6-4 Tumble Rapid tumbling during ascent
Art Applewhite 18 mm Ring Fin  B6-4 Parachute 18 mm motor mount, 24 mm body tube, 38 mm and 54mm backwards swept ring fins
Bill Cook Estes Prospector C6-5 Streamer Altimeter reading 476 feet
Bill Cook Priority Stealth E9-4 Auto Rotation 24 mm motor with adapter for 29 mm motor mount
Bill Cook Uploader Aerotech F24-7W Parachute & Streamer Dual Deploy with drogue streamer and fish line main parachute release
Bill Cook Priority Stealth F15-6 Auto Rotation Strongly weather vaned but otherwise good flight
Chris Pichard Estes V-2 E9-4 Parachute Good flight and recovery
Chris Prichard Estes V-2 E9-6 Parachute
Michael Padon Estes Farside B4-4 Parachute Good flight & recovery
Michael Padon Estes Riptide B4-4 Parachute Good flight & recovery
Michael Padon The Twins A3-4T Parachute
Michael Padon The Twins A3-4T Parachute
Stu Young Saturn V Estes E12-6 Parachute Motor CATO'd, MESS report made
Stu Young Talon 24 D12-3 Parachute Good flight.  Recovered from north field
Stu Young Vanguard TV-0 A10-3T Parachute Good flight, very stable
Stu Young Honest John B4-2 Parachute Originally designed for 13 mm motors but modified for 18 mm motors
Stu Young LOC Legacy A.K.A "Anubis D12-3 Parachute Somewhat underpowered, Weather vaned into the wind and lawn darted before ejection

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