April 9, 20016 High Power Launch at the Texas Double T Ranch
Total flights - 24
 Flight by Impulse: C - 1, E - 1, F - 13, G - 6, H - 2, I - 1, J -1
One 2 stage flight

Rocketeer Rocket Rocket Motor Recovery Remarks
Allan Howard 4 inch Stink Sewer Pipe J425R-14A Parachute Stratologger: 1342 feet, Missile Works RRC2:1337 feet, Rudundant C
Allan Howard LOC IV with dual deploy H194 (CTI) Parachute Dual deploy with motor eject backup, 1288 feet
Allan Howard Norad Pro Maxx G40-7W Parachute Estes altimeter: 757 feet
Andrew Cooper 3 inch Fat Daddy F50-6T Parachute
Andrew Cooper Tiger Shark F39-6T Parachute
Andrew Cooper Sky Shark F60 (Road Runner) Parachute Altimeter:992 feet
Andrew Cooper Mega Bertha G40-7W Parachute
Andrew Cooper Sky Shark F50-6T Parachute
Andrew Cooper Tip of the Spear F26-6FJ Parachute
Andrew Cooper Mega Mutant Daddy H195-10T Parachute
Andrew Cooper Coral Snake F50-6T Parachute
Anrew Cooper Mutant Daddy F26-6FJ Parachute
Art Applewhite 54 mm Tube Fin G40-7W Parachute Cable Cutter: 1055 feet
Art Applewhite 38 mm Cardboard Cinco I140W-14A DMS Aerobrake Cool flight
Art Applewhite Aerotech Initiator built by Glen Taft G40-7W Parachute Dual deploy with motor ejection and cable cutter, 1111 feet
Art Applewhite 29 mm Priority Stealth G40-7 W Aerobrake
Bill Cook DX3 G125-8T Parachute Dual Deploy with main at 300 feet
Bill Cook 3 inch Black Rocket F50-6T Parachute Stratologger: 988 feet
Bill Cook V2 F24-5W Parachute Dual deploy with motor eject and cable cutter
Elijah Tadlock Executioner E20-7W Parachute
Elijah Tadlock Baby Bertha C6-3 Parachute
Elijah Tadlock Executioner F30-6FJ Parachute
O. Lee James III Estes Ascender F15-8 (Estes) Parachute Jolly Logic Chute Release @ 300 feet, PerfectFlight Pnut: 595 feet
O. Lee James III Estes Ascender w/Booster F15-0/F15-6 Parachute 2 stage, 29 mm black powder motors, Jolly Logic Chute release@300 feet, PerfectFlight Pnut:1126 feet
Questions? Contact Art Applewhite, Senior Advisor at (830)896-6331 or rocket877@aol.