Alamo Rocketeers
Monthly Sport Launch at Kitty Hawk Flying Field in Garden Ridge, Texas on December 17, 2016 - Facebook Photo Album
The weather was cool and wet with light winds and low clouds

Total flights - 19
Motor used by Impulse: 1/2A - 1, A - 5, B - 5, D - 1, E - 4, F - 3, G - 1
Flights with electronic deployment - 3
Highest recorded altitude - 1235 feet

Rocketeer Rocket Rocket Motor Recovery Remarks
Allan Howard Estes Executioner E16-4 Parachute
Allan Howard Arcas-GT F25-4W Parachute Glen Taft rocket. Motor chuffed a couple of times but flew okay
Allan Howard BB-GT F26-5 Parachute Glen Taft Rocket. Estes Altimeter 567 feet
Allan Howard Big Daddy D12-5 Parachute
Allan Howard Ranger E28-4T Parachute
Allan Howard Sizzler A6-4 Parachute Underpowered
Allan Howard Sizzler B4-4 Parachute Maiden flight
Allan Howard Sizzler A8-3 Parachute Maiden flight
Art Applewhite 54 mm Tube Fin Rocket G80-7T Parachute Non-pyro Dual deploy with Nosecone ejector and cable cutter. Failed to deploy drogue. Recovered from tree. Damage to fins. Altitude 1231 feet and 1235 feet from the 2 altimeters
Bill Cook Deuces Wild 24 E9-6 x 2 Parachute Fish line cutter, dual deploy Altitude 787 feet
Bill Cook Senior Special F15-4 Parachute Rebuilt
Damian Lane Crayon Gold B6-4 Parachute
Damian Lane Gnome 1/2A3-4T Streamer
Derek Moyes Shuttle Express B6-4 Parachute 2 Gliders
Ian Moyes Sky Writer A8-3 Parachute
Ian Moyes Generic EX2 A8-3 Parachute
Jaden Lane Crayon Red B6-4 Parachute
Jaden Lane Crayon Red B6-4 Parachute
Tim Vincelette Mini Honest John A3-4T Parachute
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