Alamo Rocketeers
Monthly Sport Launch at Kitty Hawk Flying Field in Garden Ridge, Texas on February 18, 2017 - Facebook Photo Album
The weather was perfect, sunny with light winds

Total flights - 40
Motor used by Impulse: A - 13, B - 4, C - 11, D - 5, E - 5, F - 5, G - 1
Clustered motor flights - 1
2 Stage flights - 3
Flights with electronic deployment - 5
TARC flights - 3
Rocketeer Rocket Rocket Motor Recovery Remarks
Adrian Pabon Red Crayon B6-4 Parachute
Adrian Pabon Crayon Blue B6-4 Parachute
Adrian Pabon Crayon Red B6-4 Parachute
Adriana Krueger Man O' War(TARC) F50-6T Parachute TARC Egg payload
Allan Howard ISQX Tomahawk E16-6 Parachute Glen Taft Rocket
Allan Howard Arreaux E18-4 Parachute Glen Taft Rocket
Allan Howard Scissor Wing Glider C6-3 Glide
Allan Howard Legacy E18-4 Parachute Glen Taft Rocket
Art Applewhite Estes Red Crayon with Ejector D12-0 Parachute Altimeter 216 feet, Underpowered, lawn darted because it did not reach 300 feet to arm the altimeter
Art Applewhite 3 inch Tube launched rocket #1 C11-5 Parachute Nose cone and parachute separated from the body due to no elastic in the shock cord.
Art Applewhite 3 inch Tube launched rocket #2 A8-3 Parachute
Bill Cook Deuces Wild 24 D12-5 x 2 Parachute Canted motors cluster Fishline cutter dual deploy
Bill Cook Cut Across Shorty F50-6T Parachute Fishline Cutter dual deploy
Craig Kircher Orange Crush D12-5 Parachute
Denis Means LOC Fantom G67-?R Parachute Maiden Flight, Jolly Logic Chute Release
Jarrett Dean-Von Stuitz Apollo (TARC) F50-6T Parachute TARC - One egg payload
Jeff Cannon Generic C6-7 Parachute
John Glitner Patriot C6-5 Parachute
John Glitner Mini Honest John A3-4T Parachute
Joseph Cannon Generic EZX A8-3 Parachute
JT Earnest Titan A8-3 Parachute
JT Earnest EZ C6-5 Parachute
Kenneth Kircher Ventris F50-6T Parachute
Kunasz Alien LGM C6-5 Parachute
Kunasz Honest John Mini A10-3T Parachute
Kunasz Makian Estes Alien C6-5 Parachute
Michael Pabon 2 Stage C6-0, A8-3 Parachute
Nate Earnest EZ C6-5 Parachute
Nicholas Estes A8-3 Parachute
Noah Barron Baby Bertha B6-4 Parachute
Noah Barron Flash A8-3 Parachute
Pedro Garcia Generic A8-3 Parachute
Stu Young Falcon 9/Dragon 2 D12-3 Parachute Bar-B-Q recovery
Stu Young Instant Karma II E12-6 Parachute
Tim Vincelette Majectic E16-6 Parachute
Tim Vincelette Mercury/Redstone C6-3 Parachute Nicely detailed
Tim Vincelette Dragonite C6-5 Parachute
Tim Vincelette Twin Factor A10-0T. A10-3T Tumble My first 2 stage rocket
Tim Vincelette Twin Factor A10-0T, A10-3T Tumble 2 stage
Vishali Baker Assault F50-6T Parachute TARC Egg payload

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