Relevant Flights (Newest to oldest)
03/07/2020 Kitty Hawk Flying Field, Garden Ridge, Tx - 2.63 diameter, 54 inches long, 29mm motor mount, F50-6T motor, StratologgerCF, ejector, harness release, and piston
02/15/2020 Hondo, Tx - 38 mm Big Stick, StratologgerCF, compressed gas ejectors, pistons
01/04/2020 Kitty Hawk Flying Field, Garden Ridge, Tx - My Pringle-ling, motor F50T,Dual Deploy with Missle Works RCC2 altimeter and compressed gas ejectors
12/21/2019 Hondo, Tx - My Pringle-ling, motor F50T, Dual Deploy with PerfectFlite StratologgerCF and a scratch-built parachute release
10/29/2011 Asa - 36 inch Delta flying Saucer on Loki M1200SF
08/28/2010 West Texas Rocketry - 54mm Stealth on Loki J330LR
08/14/2010 Hearne Municipal Airport, Tx - 54mm Stealth on Aerotech J90W
05/30/2010 NSL 2010 at Alamogordo, NM - L2 recertification
01/01/2003 El Campo, Tx - First L2 cert

Supporting material
E-match cable cutter
Compressed gas ejector