Art Applewhite Rockets
Popsicle Stick Rail Guide

1. Start with 4 Popsicle sticks, two rail buttons, 2 #8-32 bolts and nuts
2. Drill a 1/8" hole in two sticks about 1/2" from each end, being careful not to split the wood.
3. Cut the other two stick so that there are 4 end pieces 3/8" long and 2 middle pieces 3-1/8" long.
4. Glue and clamp the sticks together so with the sticks with the holes are on the top and bottom and the partial sticks are in the middle.
5. There should be just enough room for the #8-32 nuts to slip into the spaces between the end pieces and the middle pieces so the nuts won't turn.
6. Thread the #8-32 bolts through the rail button and the #8-32 nuts and tighten down.
7. (Optional) Wrap a piece of sand paper around the body tube and sand a curve into the bottom of the rail guide so that it conforms to the body tube.
8. Glue the rail guide to the body tube at the Center of Gravity.