Heart of Texas Rocket Club

Launch Report for February 13, 2016

Jabob Mehr's Photos

Great launch at Asa, thanks mostly to the ones who made my job much easier. People like Robert Vanover, Tony Huet, Ken Overton, Dennis Oube, Brad Gibbons and his lovely lady and their dog, that even carried his own leash.  Harry Spears, Jeff Jones and the others that gave of  themselves.
Pat, I appreciate the Valaversary message and want to say congrats to you and Retta, grandparents of new twins!  Thanks Robert for all that you do, the cool radios, HOTROC ID badges, flight cards and safety check-in. Thanks Ken for giving of your time and effort to help keep us safe and on-track. Thanks Tony for your willingness to give your time and the great back up.
                Back from the walking dead,
                    Marlin & Maggie