Heart of Texas Rocket Club

Launch Report for February 27, 2016

Photos of the launch by Jacob Mehr
Photos by Robert Vanover

We had lot of fine and interesting launches at Asa Field. Thanks to everyone that made it a great day!
I want to start with Randy Marek, who certified Tripoli Level 3, with a nice flight.  Jim Jarvis, Tap Member approved. Congratulations, Randy!
 Also, Chris Brazil certified Tripoli Level 1 and Tripoli Level 2. Approved by Tony Huet. Congratulations, Chris!
We apppreciate Jacob Mehr and Robert Hagen for their launches and participation in the Jr Mentoring Program.  Thank you, Jacob, for the great photography and sharing those with us!
Thanks to everyone for the Port O Jon donations. Thanks, also, for the help with setting up and tear down, Harry Spears (MotorMan), Dennis Oube,Tony Huet, Royce Frankum, Jeff Jones.
I want to thank Robert Vanover, as always, for all the help with Safety Check and all hes doing and done for HOTROC.
A special thanks to Steve Taylor, Dennis Oube, Robert Vanover, Tony Huet that helped recover and finally, my Maggie (who actually found my Amraam).
            Marlin Philyaw
            Tripoli Waco # 012