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Pyramid Rocket Kits
18mm Pyramid
18mm Pyramid
Available in 5 colors White, Hot Pink, Fluorescent Orange & Fluorescent Green
18mm Pyramid Rocket Kit $6.00 each
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18mm Pyramid
Height: 3.5 inches, Width 4.75 inches, Weight 0.5 oz Recommended motors: A8-3, B4-2, B6-0, B6-2, C6-0, C6-3

These kits are made from heavy posterboard.  They can be constructed in a few hours using scissors, a craft knife and white glue.  The pyramid climbs fast and is very stable in flight.  At apogee it flips over and begins descending slowly using aerobrake recovery.  The base of the rocket with the motor attached separates from the top and both parts descend gently.  Preparation is quick and recovery is foolproof.  With their high visibility and dramatic ascent and gentle recovery, they are real crowd pleasers. NO long walks to recover your rocket even on a windy day.

Height 2 inches, Width: 4 inch, Weight: 0.2 oz,  Recommended motor: A10-PT
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