Art Applewhite Rockets - From deep in the heart of Texas
The rocket factory is now Solar powered

Solar Panels
18 x 230 Watt (4,140 W) solar panels with 18 micro-inverters (Click for a bigger picture)
Solar Panel as seen from space :)
This view from overhead provided by Google Maps
This solar panel array makes enough power to meet all my electrical needs during a sunny the day.
It is tied directly to the grid and any excess power produced is sold to KPUB, my local electricity provider. 
In it's first full day of operation (August 31, 2011), it produced 22 KWH!
It is on a fixed, pole-top, mount and is currently set at a fixed 45 degree angle and facing due South.
This tilt angle provides the most consistent power output throughout the year.
Enphase has provided a website to show in near real time what the output is for this system.
The panel array was engineered and installed by Solar Community of Austin, TX.
The solar panels are made by Sunpower  of San Jose, CA
The micro-inverter are made by Enphase of Pentaluma, CA
and the support frame is made by DPW of Albuquerque, NM
Here is a Flickr photo album of the 2 day installation