Each kit is lovingly, hand-crafted by an aged, balding curmudgeon.
The designs on this website follow a very, simple philosophy, "Form leads function", i.e. "Make something and then figure out what it's good for."
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29mm Cinco
Cluster Flying Saucer
29mm Delta Flying Saucer
Forte' Launch Controller
  Ring of Fire
  24mm/18mm Super Stealth

Other stuff

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  This business is 100% owned and operated by a Disabled Veteran (Retired after 20 years in the USAF with a 60% disability). Profits from this business are used to support the Alamo Rocketeers NAR#661, Hill Country Rocketeers NAR#671 and Texas Hill Country Tripoli #089.  These clubs provide support and outreach opportunities to Scouts, Civil Air Patrol, JROTC, 4H, TARC and the model rocketry community in Texas.