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                  ROCKETEERSAlamo Rocketeers - NAR section #661 in San Antonio, Texas.  We host Model Rocket Launches at the Kitty Hawk Flying Field in Garden Ridge, Texas.  Our launches are family friendly and children are always welcome.  Check the Launches page for details about our next launch.  For more information contact Art Applewhite at (830)896-6331
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AARGAARG, Austin Area Rocketry Group, NAR Section  585 , (Tripoli Central Texas #54), Prefect: David Ivey
They host high power rocket launches on the 1st Saturday of each month.  They also host TRA research launches.
Facebook page

Boots and Chutes Model Rocketry Association of Texas NAR#740 Each of our launches will feature a fun contest; things like Eggloft Drag Race, Paratrooper Spot Landing and others will get a feel of competition and excitement going that will keep you coming back for more! Eric Johnson - Club President

Central Texas Association of Rocketry (CenTAR) NAR #370 Yahoo Group
Crosby County Model Rocketry Club (CCMRC)#832 - Educational and recreational rocketry for children and adults of Crosby County, Texas
Senior Advisor: James Mayo, (512)749-0212,
Facebook Group:
Since 1972, The Dallas Area Rocket Society (DARS) , NAR #308, has flown rockets all around the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Flying rockets is our primary activity, but our presence reaches out to the community. They hosted NARCON 2001, NSL 2004 & NARAM44 and have scheduled launches throughout the year.
Engineering & Technologies Academy Rocketry Club (ETA) NAR #821
5110 Walzem Rd., San Antonio, Texas 78218 - (210) 867-6911
Team America Rocketry Challenge (TARC)
Senior Advisor: Albert T. Chang
Hill Country Rocketeers
Hill Country Rocketeers, NAR Section #671
Senior Advisor - Art Applewhite, (830)896-6331,

Horizon City Rocketry(HCR), NAR Section #798 located in El Paso, Texas
Hosting Sport and High Power launch at our launch site at Latitude: 31.73173 Longitude: -106.134496
Contact: Michael Lynch, 9375 Viscount Blvd Apt 903, El Paso, Texas 79925 (915)305-2446,
HOTROC Tripoli Waco #012 - Heart Of Texas Rocket Club is located in Waco, Texas and supports model, large scale and high power rocketry.  The club's 6,000 acre, N-capable launch site is located 15 minutes from Waco, TX and supports flights to 11,000 ft with call-ins to 18,000 ft.  Launches are scheduled from October through March.  Prefect: Marlin Philyaw
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Microhybrid Yahoo Group - A discussion group for Microhybrid Rocket Motors.
 Micro Maxx Rockets Yahoo group - Discussion group for Micro Maxx rockets with Messages, Files, Polls, Photos & Price Database
NARNational Association of Rocketry (NAR)  - Yahoo Group
 NHRC, NASA/Houston Rocket Club, NAR 365, Yahoo Group
NHRC Launches are held on the beautiful Johnson Space Center grounds.  Please be aware that this area is SECURITY-RESTRICTED (similar to a military base).  If you are new to NHRC launches and JSC, you must have your name added to the NHRC Security Access list prior to arriving. Contact Warren Benson at or (281)773-9501
Facebook page
Night Launch Yahoo Group - A discussion group specializing in night-time rocket launches
North Texas Aerospace Club NTAC, NAR #818 North Texas Aerospace Club is a registered section of the National Association of Rocketry. We are a group of people young and old that enjoy rocketry. We like to build them and we like to fly them. Our sectional also sponsors local launches that are open to the public as well as competition teams.
Purpose: Fostering and sharing the knowledge, techniques and fun of rocketry. We accomplish this by using STEAM, relationship and community building and fellowship.
Doug Underwood - Senior Advisor
 A NAR Section/Model Rocketry club in Katy (west of Houston), for the old and young rocketeers alike. Sport launches and NAR Sanctioned competition held at Roberts Ranch in Needville, Tx.
Senior Advisor: David Montgomery (281)550-7187

  OddRocs Yahoo Group - A discussion group about odd rockets, the odder the better.
Panhandle of Texas Rocketry Society, (Tripoli Amarillo # 92), Prefect: Bill Balash

Red River Rocket Society (RRRS) NAR #706
in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Senior Advisor: Don Magness (214)886 2396
Rio Grande Valley Rocket Club - NAR #604 - Tripoli South Texas #148
Contact Randy Ashley at

 Yahoo Discussion Group
San Antonio Academy Rocket Club is NAR section #852 for the teachers, students and invited guests of the San Antonio Academy of Texas
San Antonio Rocket Society (SARS), Tripoli San Antonio #55 - Meetings at 7:30 PM on the first Wednesday of the month at Chester's, 1006 NE Loop 410, San Antonio, Tx
The South Texas Aerospace Club (STAC) NAR#739 is a family oriented club with a variety of activities that can provide fun, educational opportunities, and challenging sports for adults as well as kids. We support low power rocketry, mid power rocketry, high power rocketry, RC propeller aircraft flight, RC jet aircraft flight and RC helicopter flight. We have monthly rocket launches and RC aircraft flying at the Beeville Municipal Airport located at 3201 Highway 59W, just outside of Beeville, Texas. South Texas Aerospace Club Yahoo Group
Texas Hill Country Tripoli #089 - Prefect: Art Applewhite (830)896-633

We welcome anyone interested in amateur rocketry. For information about rocket launches around the State of Texas check the Texas Rocket Launch Calendar
Texas Model Rocket Yahoo Group - A discussion group for people interested in model rocketry in Texas. 

Texas Rocketry EXperimenter (TxREX) - A discussion group of Texans interested in making and flying their own rocket motors.  We embrace more propellants and materials than NAR & TRA.
The Competition Consortium
The Competition Consortium is a cooperative effort by National Association of Rocketry Southwest Region Contest Directors to enhance NAR model rocketry competition and restore the lost prestige of NAR national records by:
1.  Providing easy access to competition tips, event information, scheduling and pre-registration for NAR Southwest Region competition and record events.
2.  Maintaining enhanced lists of NAR national records and section contact data.
3. Personally recognizing national record setters with an email message.
4. Publishing and maintaining Certificates of Award for record setters in the "TCC Hall of Fame".
5. Supporting and training NAR Contest Directors, judges, and other contest officials in the NAR Southwest Region.
Participating sections: DARS #308, NHRC #365, CenTAR #370, The Old Rocketeers#724, SSS #506, FLARE #577, AARG #585, Alamo Rocketeers #661, Hill Country Rocketeers #671

Tripoli Houston Rocket Club, Tripoli #002 - Tripoli Research launches on the 2nd Saturday of each month at the Texas Double T Ranch.
Facebook page
Tripoli North Texas #058, Prefect:Steve Taylor - Tripoli North Texas (TNT) is the Tripoli prefecture supporting the DFW area. TNT is a group of individuals dedicated to the advancement of high power rocketry and research rocket motor development following the safety code of the national organization Tripoli Rocketry Association.

TRATripoli Rocketry Association, Inc. (TRA)

VERSA Homeschool NAR#842 - Jillian Moyes, Senior Advisor - Home school rocket club.  This Section is currently only open to students and parents of VERSA Homeschool.
VERSA stands for Visionary Engineering Robotics Science & Art.
West Texas Rocketry (Tripoli West WTRTexas #121), Prefect: Jay Holcombe
We are a small but growing group located in the Midland/Odessa area of West Texas. Our focus is to provide fun, educational, and family oriented activities related to the sport of hobby rocketry.   Whether your returning to the hobby after flying rockets in your youth, or entering the hobby for the first time, you will find a host of challenging and rewarding opportunities that are just waiting to be explored in this exciting sport.
They have one of the best HPR fields in Texas with waivers to 24,500 feet.  They usually fly the 4th Saturday & Sunday of the month.