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For 13mm (A) Motors
Delta Flying Saucer - YouTube Video - Another YouTube
Cinco  - Slow Motion Video Cinco taking off
Qubit Page - 19 different models to chose from
Stealth, Turbo Stealth
Six - Instructions - YouTube Video
Popsicle stick monocopter
13mm Helix Instructions and Template

18mm (A, B, C) Motors
18mm Six
18mm A Very Simple Rocket - Instructions - OpenRocket file
18mm Pyramid Pattern - 18mm Pyramid Instructions
18mm Helix Instructions and Template

For 24mm (D & E) motors
24mm Helix Instructions and Template

For 29mm Motors
29 mm Priority Stealth - Instructions
29mm Priority Cinco - Instructions (PDF)Templates(PDF)

54mm Stealth Instructions Template1 Template2
Video of Jeff Miller's 54mm Stealth taken by Bob Utley

Micro Maxx Rockets

1" Rail Guide made from Popsicle Sticks

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